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There are a range of different dating sites out there and some are designed for people that are suffering from STD’s. Positive Singles is a site where the members are living with HIV/aids or another kind of STD but are still on the lookout for love. With over 100 million people suffering from STD’s in America alone, 82% know about the dating site positive singles and 61% have joined. Learn more about this dating site in this Positive Singles review, so that you can decide if it is the right path for you.



How Positive Singles membership works

There are currently 570,300 basic members on the Positive Singles website and it’s super easy to sign up completely free of charge if you wish to have a basic membership. There is a paid membership also (known as a gold membership, which you can learn more about later.) After you are a member of Positive Singles, you can complete a profile which includes a short description of yourself. You can also offer information about your STD and STD preferences in terms of your possible matches. You can add your location, ask questions to your matches and of course, add a few photos to show other members what you look like.

There are many useful features that you can take advantage of including viewing the profiles of others, sending winks, receiving messages and a quick search option. All this is available as a free Positive Singles member but you will get even more if you decide to become a gold member.


Positive Singles gold membership

Whatever type of membership you go for, you will pay in one transaction which will save you money.

  • 1 month gold membership – $1 a day, billed at $29.95 – saving you 25%
  • 3 months gold membership – $19.95 a month, billed at $59.95 – saving you 50%
  • 6 months gold membership – $15.95 a month, billed at $95.95 – saving you 60%

There are several ways that you can make payment if you want to securely go for this membership option. Payments to Positive Singles can be made by credit card, check card, debit card, paypal or charge card. These are the fastest options to pay because they only take minutes to process and full gold membership will then be granted to you. Some other options however include check and money order by post but these do take a little longer to process.


Features for free members

  • Being able to create a profile that lasts a lifetime and add 26 photos to attract potential matches
  • Phone and live customer service support 24/7 if any problems are experienced on the site
  • You can reply to messages and chat requests from those with a Positive Singles gold membership
  • You can send winks (as a cheeky way to flirt with those who catch your eye)
  • The ability to send and receive greeting cards/birthday wishes
  • You can use “quick search” to find members
  • The ability to read members first date ideas
  • You can comment of blogs, forums and profiles


Features for gold membership

  • You can respond to peoples first date ideas
  • You can set up a mail and “wink” filter
  • The ability to see whether your sent mails have been read
  • You can initiate the conversation in regards to sending messages and chat requests to members who stand out to you
  • Your profile will show at the top of search results to other members, increasing the amount of messages you get and likelihood that you’ll secure a date
  • You can search using more detailed criteria in order to find a date. Including postcode, city and certain keywords. More about these detailed search options can be found later
  • You can read safety advice and dating advice published on Positive Singles website
  • You can view last login timed with certain members


Special features for those with HIV/aids

For those who specifically have HIV/aids, extra features are provided for you by Positive Singles to give support during this hard time and help you find love. This includes the following;

  • You will be able to read aids treatment stories, over 500 of them in fact
  • Have constant support from an aids counselor via email and live chat
  • You can get advice in regards to “dating while suffering from aids” via email and live chat
  • You can read 1300 stories on Aids that are going to inspire you to stay strong
  • You can search for other people who have aids/HIV on Positive Singles
  • The ability to get legal information on aids
  • You can discover the locations of more than 800 aids care locations



Protecting your privacy

In regards to online dating in any format, your safety might be a concern to you. You have the following options with Positive Singles to further enhance your safety and privacy online.

  • You can hide your profile or photos for others
  • If you are having concerns, you can press the “quick exit” button, which will immediately take you to another site
  • You can disable the “chat now” option and just leave your messages open
  • The ability to hide from others that you have been on their profile
  • The ability to hide from others that you have added them to your “favorites”


The detailed search parameters

The way you can search on the website is amazing, especially if you have a Positive Singles gold membership. The ability to search by STD is an advantage to many because it helps them find somebody who fully understands and is in a similar situation as them. You can even search based on the physical appearance of the other person, which is important criteria to many.



Positive Singles FAQ

By reading this review of Positive Singles we hope that you found the information you were looking for. In case you still have unanswered questions we made this Positive Singles FAQ section:


Is it safe to date someone with HIV?

It is completely safe to date someone with HIV and many dating sites exist that are specially designed for that purpose, it’s a safe environment that you can really use to your full advantage. If you are having sex with somebody with HIV or you both have the virus, protection should always be used.


Can you get HIV from kissing?

It is extremely unusual to get HIV from kissing but it is not impossible. The only way it could happen would be if you both had open sores on/in your mouth because the disease could be spread through the blood that way.


How can you tell if someone is HIV positive?

There is no way to tell if somebody is HIV positive just by looking at them. The only way to know is if they tell you this information.


Does a person with HIV have to disclose?

In 19 US states, it is law that somebody with HIV has to disclose it to a sexual partner. However, during the initial dating stage, there is nothing that says a person has to disclose that they are HIV positive. If you suspect that something is not as it seems with a partner, ask them outright because honesty should be the base for any healthy relationship. Many people are scared potential love interests will have some kind of disease and not tell them, so this is the reason why there are such dating sites around like Positive Singles. You know exactly what you are getting right from the start.


How long can you stay undetectable?

Many people with HIV can have an undetectable load in them, if this is the case and they have been on some kind of HIV medication for at least 6 months – they have almost a zero chance of passing the virus onto anybody else.


How much does Positive Singles cost?

If you want to become a member of Positive Singles and find somebody who understands what you are going through, you will have to pay to become a part of this dating site. The longer you subscribe to Positive Singles, the cheaper it will work out to be. For a one month subscription, you will pay $29.95, for a three-month subscription, you will pay $59.95 ($19.98 a month) and for a six-month subscription, you will pay $95.95 ($15.99 a month).


Is Positive Singles a good site?

Positive Singles is a great website for connecting individuals looking for friendship and/or love who have HIV. There are lots of features on Positive Singles that make it easy to find what you are looking for including advanced search options, a matching service and more. Many people have found exactly what they are looking for on the website and we hope you will too.


Does Positive Singles have an app?

Positive Singles does have an app so you can use the platform on the go if this is more convenient for you. The app is available to download on both Android and iOs devices on the appropriate stores. It mimics the design of the website perfectly, it is easy to use and generally provides a flawless dating experience.


How do I delete my Positive Singles account?

If for some reason you have to delete your Positive Singles account or end your subscription, that is easy to do and hassle-free. Simply go to “settings”, “membership settings” and then the middle tab which says “delete account”. Your information will be kept in the database for 2 years, during which time you can reactivate your account if you wish to do so.


What is spark on Positive Singles?

Positive Singles always keeps working hard to improve their platform and the “spark” feature offers a unique way for members to meet and interact with each other. It works in a very similar way to the popular dating app Tinder. You will be given a photo of a user and a small amount of information. Swipe right if you like them and left if you are not interested. When you get a spark (when you both swipe right on each other), this is a great way to break the ice and start up a conversation.



There are more and more sites emerging for HIV positive dating but as you can see from this Positive Singles review, this is the one with the highest success rate. You get the chance to find love with someone who understands and accepts you, in addition the chance to speak to professionals about what you are going through. The site design, amount of members, search parameters and privacy abilities greatly outweigh any other website of this kind.


Website: www.positivesingles.com

Android App: https://app.appsflyer.com/com.stddating.positivesingles

Apple iOS App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/





– More than 570,000 Members on Positive Singles

– 24/7 phone support

– You can create a free profile

– High security that will keep your information safe

– Free dating apps for androit and iOS


– To access all features you need a paid membership

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