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When on the lookout for love, nothing should hold you back. This review of HIV Passions will look at the website of the same name, that was developed to bring those living with HIV/Aids together. There are many features that make this website a better one to be a part of and this includes the following.



The price of membership

It is completely free to join HIV Passions, there is no option to become a VIP member and like in the case of most similar sites¬†everyone can join and take advantage of what’s on offer, without the need to spend a single cent in the process.

The top features

– You can chat in the live chat room, with whatever members are in there at that time.
– You can email and live chat with other members by either making first contact or waiting for them to contact you.
– You can add those you find appealing to your “friends” list and view this list at any time.
– You get full access to blogs and forums on the site.
– You can search for people based on location, group, newest members, whose popular and more parameters which you can learn more about later.
– You will get recommendations of books about HIV/Aids to help you.
– You can spend time on the “videos and fun stuff page”, which is a very interesting section of the site.

Notable features

Member of HIV Passions can put up as many free photos as they like and enjoy the photos of other members. They can chat through a webcam and also text based on personal preference. They can also see “who viewed me”, in addition to sending virtual gifts and “smooches” to members that they are interested in.

Chat room

The chat room on this particular site is completely safe to use. It gives a more personal feel than email chat and allows you to really get to know other members. Once you are a registered member on HIV Passions, you will actually have access to all the different features of communication including the chat room, email chat, blog and forums. You can even chat via webcam and all of this is available 24 hours a day.

Wide search options

Finding the right partner for you is really important and you can do that on HIV Passions thanks to the wide search options that are available. You can search for members based on a multitude of factors including age, location, weight, height and zip code. You can get even more in depth and search for possible matches based on body type, hair color and so on. Perhaps you prefer people who have a little more to cuddle, if that’s the case, you can filter “overweight” on the search parameters and find men/women who are 100% your type. You can also search for people by group, keyword or even the exact username that they are signed up with. Groups basically means gay/straight/bi and also HIV/Aids. You might want to find someone with the same STD as you, to have something in common and also to help you get support in the exact area that you need it.


As you can see, this website is very beneficial if you are a person with HIV/Aids and looking to develop a friendship or relationship with someone who is similar. The fact HIV Passions is free to join is a real benefit and means there are so many members who are in the same situation as you. It is easy to register by entering some basic information and then clicking a confirmation link on your emails. There are a variety of chat options on this site depending what you are into. Although your personal information is fairly safe, HIV Passions doesn’t have any in-depth privacy measures and it’s up to you to ensure you don’t give away any information that you are not comfortable with. The site doesn’t block your profile from search engine results which might be a safety concern for you. On the whole however, this website is definitely worth joining if you feel like what it offers can be beneficial for you, either to support the STD that you live with or to help you find love.




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