About this Website

HIV is a disease that has been clouded in myths, misconceptions and fake facts. For example, many people have believed throughout the years that HIV only exists in Africa and third world parts of their world. HIV is found around the world and people need to be aware of it in order to properly address it and prevent it.

HIVPreventionResearch.org is a website dedicated to helping to clear up all of the information that is available about HIV. The site features a lot of different resources for those who are concerned about HIV and is meant to educate, not scare. As such, all of the articles are written for humans by humans.

The HIVPreventionResearch.org website is broken down into three main sections. A News section has a large section of articles that you can browse through. These articles include everything from new types of HIV prevention to how to deal with having HIV.

Understanding HIV/AIDS is a section directly dedicated towards educating the public on what HIV and AIDS are. The two viruses are in fact different. Knowing what they are, how they develop, and how you can contract them is very important. Exposure methods are important to know because HIV and AIDS are both transmitted in a variety of ways, not just sex.

Our education doesn’t just include HIV facts for those who might have it. We also provide help on how to support those that have HIV. Something that is very important in our minds. Not everyone with HIV has always been treated fairly, or even like a human being. HIV is responsible for around 2% of suicides.

Under the Resources section you can find a number of resources for those with HIV and other HIV resources. We understand that we cannot be the only possible resource for those with HIV. That would be impossible, there are so many parts to assisting those with HIV. Support sites and health related sites need to exist too. Our site is dedicated toward educating and resource connection.

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We are happy to help get you the information you need. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, go to the Contact Us tab and request it.

Concerned you may have HIV?

HIV can come from any number of sources. The best way to get tested is to go to a testing center or medical provider. That being said, there are many reasons that you might not want to. On the right side of our website, you can find a link to a free HIV test. It is also here: http://freeHIVtest.net.

Together with you, we can build a brighter future, a future that is knowledgeable about HIV and through knowledge we can work to eliminate such viruses.